We only use the high-end, top of the line, professional DJ equipment. We use Technics 1200 turntables, Rane 57SL Mixer, QSC Self-Powered speakers, Shure Wireless Microphones, every piece is professional & reliable.

YES! We do take suggestions and may play some of them. We "filter" requests and if someone makes a request that fits well with what the DJ is playing, and with the music the client wants, then the DJ may play the request. 



When Should We Book a DJ?

We are a DJ company that can handle events as large as 1,000 guests.  We offer DJ services for weddings (ceremony & reception) plus corporate and party DJ'ing, in addition to Texture Lighting, Uplighting,  Dancefloor Lights, and Monograms.  Events vary greatly in size & needs, so we cannot have one set price.  Birthday parties can be as small as 25, weddings average around 100-200, school proms are 300-500 students, and corporate events average 600-1,000 guests. We can provide the proper amount of sound, lighting, and entertainment for all these different sized events.

The time needed for any ceremony is about 50 minutes. If your ceremony started at 5:30, I would anticipate some guests to show up 30 minutes early at 5:00. Our ceremony package includes the extra 30 minutes early for the arriving-and-seating of the guests. The the average ceremony service takes 20 minutes and the exit can take 3-5 minutes. So the whole ceremony time is just under an hour on average.  Our ceremony package includes a wireless mic, walking music on an iPad, and a speaker on a tripod, positioned at the back of the ceremony space, avoiding the camera views.

What Is a Pricing Guide?

Once you are officially booked, we'll email you our PDF file called the "DJ Planning Guide."  This planning guide will explain the key moments we will need to discuss in the initial consultation.

What Type of Equipment Do You Use?
Will The DJ Play Requests From Our Guests?


How Many Hours Before The Event Will Marky Show Up?
Can We Request Songs In Advance?

We do not include gratuity in the final contract price.  10-20% is generally recommended if the DJ did a great job, but it is entirely up to you.

About The Ceremony.
Do You Tip The DJ?
What Is The "DJ Planning Guide?"

Every event has custom needs, please email us with the details of your event.  Our availability changes daily but we usually answer emails within hours of receiving them.  We're in our studio office 7 days a week and are ready to answer any questions you may have, as quickly as we can.  Message us to request our Pricing Guide right now!

Every detail matters.

What Services Do You Offer?

YES!  During the initial consultation, the DJ will ask about your music preferences in the DJ Planning Guide.  So go ahead and write down your favorite genres or top 10 songs to make your night as unique as you are! 

We've designed fantastic packages that are appropriate for the size and needs of a variety of events.  Send us the details of your event and we'll reply with our Pricing Guide promptly!




Prices & Availability.

A good time frame is at least six months before the event. But even better, as soon as you know you are having the event, call us to secure your date on our calendar.  Our schedule has limited open dates. Most events are on Saturdays only and we only have 40-50 working Saturdays per year.

We generally show up 3 hours before the event to load-in and set-up.  Finally we like to be 100% ready, one hour in advance of the first guest.  This way I can have time to handle emergencies or be available for the very early guests.